HVAC Accessories

Faszold Heating and Cooling provides HVAC and heating and cooling needs including surge protectors, tankless water heaters, and air cleaners that will give you greater energy efficiency, prolong the life of your system, and protect your family from indoor pollutants.  Please inquire with the Faszold Comfort Specialist who visits your home for more details.

 Locking Freon Caps Locking Freon Caps
Locking Freon Caps provide an extra level of security that prevents freon tampering sometimes referred to as “Huffing”.
surge power protector Surge Protectors
Prevent your furnace or air conditioner from unnecessary damaging high voltage spikes during power outages
Navien Tankless Water Heater Navien Water Heaters
The most efficient condensing gas  appliance manufactured in the world at 98% efficiency
Whole House Air Cleaner Whole House Air Cleaner
Trane Clean Effects the worlds most efficient air cleaner for your home removes up to 98.98% of air borne allergens from your home
Carbon Monoxide Detector  Low Level Carbon Monoxide (CO )Monitor
This monitor will help to protect your family from colorless and odorless Carbon Monoxide gas. Monitors down to five parts per million.
 humidifier Humidifiers
A necessity for comfort in your home by adding a humidifier you will feel two degrees warmer in the winter with the proper humidity levels.
 Therostat Nexia Thermostats
Truly home automation at its best Control your thermostat, lights, and door locks from your smart phone or personal computer.
 Whole House Smoke Detector Whole House Smoke Detector
Shuts down your furnace or air handler blower in case of fire so the smoke is not spread thru the entire house.
 Ultraviolet Light REME U.V. Light
Protect your family from airborne and surface pollutants, viruses, odors, VOC’s, smoke, mold, and chemicals