Furnace and Air Conditioner Systems

You’re in the market for a new system and the prices, options, add-ons and different brands can get your head spinning and confused. We will explain each and every aspect of your installation until you are satisfied with the job being done. Here at Faszold, we have highly qualified Comfort Specialists that will help you create your own home comfort system.

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Trane Whole Systems

 Trane Residential productsTrane’s furnaces are compact, reliable and highly intelligent.

They feature high efficiency motors, self-diagnostic controls, a patented, serpentine-shaped heat exchanger and fuel efficient Multi-Port In-Shot burners.

To deliver the highest efficiency, Trane’s indoor cooling coils are matched in size and SEER rating with the outdoor unit.

Bryant Heating & Cooling Products

Top of the Line Heat Pump, Top-Rated Performance

The Bryant Evolution Extreme Heat Pump offers up to 20.5 SEER cooling and up to 13 HSPF heating efficiency, that combines intelligent system control with variable speed operation to provide premium comfort.

Models: 280A

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Geothermal Systems

Geothermal systems serviced and installed. Geothermal systems serviced and installed. IGSPA certified installers, factory trained, fusion certified, and professional.
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Zone Systems

Zone Systems for total control of your family’s comfort.

Aprilaire and Honeywell Humidifiers

Aprilaire Humidifier

Installation of Humidifier: Have you ever walked around your house in the middle of winter and shocked yourself?  Has your hair ever stood up by static electricity when you brushed it?  Do your skin and lips chap at home?  These are all signs that you need more humidity in your home.

Trane Clean Effects

Trane Clean Effects Air Cleaner

Installation of an Electronic Air Cleaner: Do you have pets? allergies? dust on everything? The solution is easy: a Trane CleanEffects Electronic Air Cleaner! You’d be amazed at the dust, pet hair, dandruff and floating particles in the air that this will remove. Call today for complete details or email us at


Thermostats: We offer a variety of programmable and non programmable thermostats and installation for all types of comfort systems.

Carbon Monoxide Monitors

NOW AVAILABLE: low level carbon monoxide monitor’s NSI model 3000
an advanced electrochemical sensor designed to accurately measure low-levels of carbon monoxide (co) providing an early warning of toxic levels in your home.

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