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Boiler Sizing Guide: What Size Do You Need?

Pipes of a heating systemA combi boiler is an excellent way to ensure your family stays warm and has access to plentiful hot water all winter. However, to ensure maximum comfort in your Missouri home, you’ll need to ensure that you have a boiler that’s the right size to meet your needs. While an undersized system won’t give you the heating and functionality you need, an oversized boiler that only uses the minimum won’t be energy-efficient.

The boiler experts at Faszold Heating & Cooling provide the basics on getting the right size boiler for your St. Louis County home and discuss the importance of properly sized systems.

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Recommendations Based on Family Size

The heating and hot water needs of every home is different. However, experts typically find that family size is an excellent way to guide this decision. Combi boiler size is provided in kilowatts (kW) and refers to the output of energy the boiler provides in the form of heat. The larger your home, the more energy you need to heat it. Plus, the more family members you have, the greater your hot water usage will be. In general, sizing recommendations are as follows:

  • 24-27 kW: A single-occupant home with only one bedroom and one bathroom
  • 28-34 kW: An average three-bedroom household with three to four occupants
  • 34-40 kW: A large family with five bedrooms and more than four occupants

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Issues With Improperly Sized Boilers

While getting the perfectly sized combi boiler is a bit of a guessing game, homeowners want to use these guidelines to pick one that most likely suits their needs. Otherwise, they may experience issues related to improperly sized boilers.

Too Small

Those that are too small won’t have sufficient power to heat your home fully, especially on the coldest days of winter. It will also struggle to keep up with your water demands. This means that you may not have enough hot water for dishes when someone is taking a shower.

Too Large

Similarly, a boiler that is too large can lead to issues. A large boiler will excessively heat up and turn off when used for only short periods and can cause your radiators to overheat. That’s because it’s constantly preparing to be used at full capacity. This results in decreased energy efficiency and puts additional stress on the system, leading to a shorter life span.

The Importance of Trusting a Professional

Installing a new combi boiler in your Ballwin home is a major investment. Ensure that you get the performance and efficiency you need by working with a certified professional. Not only will an expert be able to give you the best advice on the appropriate size of boiler for your home, but they’ll also ensure that your heating system is installed properly and safely so that you get maximum performance.

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