Faszold Commercial Club Membership Program

Advantages of the Faszold Club Membership Program

energy savings
Significant energy savings on utility bills
Prevent equipment breakdowns
Extend lifetime of HVAC equipment
priority service
Priority service for our club members
diagnostic charge
$10 discount on diagnostic charge
Receive 20% discount on repairs

The best investment to protect your Business’ Heating and Cooling Systems

Regular maintenance of your equipment can save you thousands of dollars over the long haul in energy costs and repairs. Prevent costly breakdowns with a heating and cooling maintenance plan from Faszold’s. Your membership will literally pay for itself year after year! As a valued member you receive a thorough tune-up and cleaning for one air conditioner and one furnace twice annually, plus more. Sign up today and save.

What you receive with our Faszold Commercial Membership:

Heating System Maintenance:

  • Test Safety Control Operations, Control Sequences & Test Ranges

  • Test Zoning Controls Modes Of Operation & Bypass Dampers

  • Test & Inspect Drain Pan Safety Switches

  • Test Condensate Pump / Provide Condensate Treatment

  • Test & Inspect Unit Safety Switch

  • Measure & Record AMP Draw To Blower Motor / Nameplate Data (FLA) As Available

  • Fan Belt Tension Inspection

  • Belt & Pulleys Condition

  • Fan Blade & Blower Wheel Connection To Blower Motor

  • Blower Motor AMPs

  • Blower Motor Volts

  • Measure & Record TD Across Evaporator Coil

  • Record Indoor Coil Entering Temperature

  • Record Indoor Leaving Temperature

  • Measure Pressure Drop Across Coil

  • Measure & Record System Refrigeration Charge In Cooling When TD Is Out Of Specifications

Cooling System Maintenance:

  • Check Equipment Grounding

  • Measure & Record Line Voltage

  • Measure & Record Amp Draw On Condenser Fan Motor

  • Condenser Fan Motor Amps

  • Condenser Fan Motor Volts

  • Record Outdoor Coil Entering Temperature

  • Record Outdoor Coil Leaving Temperature

  • Record Compressor AMPS

  • Record Compressor Volts

  • Record Suction PSIG

  • Record Discharge PSIG

  • Record Superheat

  • Record Outdoor Coil Entering Temperature

  • Heat Pump: Test Reversing Valve

  • Heat Pump: Measure & Record System Refrigeration Charge In Heating When TD Is Out Of Specifications

  • Heat Pump: Test Defrost Cycle

  • Heat Pump: Inspect Outdoor Unit Condensate Drain Port

To properly quote your Faszold Commercial Club Membership pricing, please call us now. Pricing is based on Heating and Cooling System Tonnage.

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