No Entry Required Air Conditioner Maintenance Explained

Faszold Heating & Cooling is now offering no entry required maintenance for air conditioners this spring. This new offer allows us to still come and clean and check your air conditioner or outside unit but keeps us from having to come inside. Want to learn how it works? Read on.

What Does a No Entry Required A/C Maintenance Mean?

A no entry required maintenance for your air conditioner means that a Faszold tech will still come to your home and perform a maintenance check on your A/C, they just won’t enter your home. Instead they will walk you through what they need you to do from the inside of your home over the phone. This includes changing thermostat settings and possibly replacing a filter.

Why are We Providing a No Entry Required A/C Maintenance?

Our no entry required A/C maintenance is offered as an alternative to our regular A/C maintenance during these trying times. It’s meant to keep both our customers and techs safe so we don’t have to enter your home. During no entry maintenance we do ask our customers to check some indoor components and we can walk them through how to do this.

How Does a No Entry Required A/C Maintenance Work?

Here’s the break down of how we will perform a no entry required air conditioner maintenance at a customer’s home. The Faszold tech will call when they have arrived to the customer’s home and will walk them through what the tech needs the customer to do from the inside of the home to begin the A/C maintenance. This includes changing thermostat settings, turning off humidifier, closing the damper, opening air vents, and visually inspecting the drain line. If you don’t know how to check these things, our tech will assist you over the phone.

Once the indoor components are put into place, the tech will clean the outside air conditioner, check refrigerant pressures, superheat, subcooling, condenser temperature rise, compressor amps, and electrical components just like a normal maintenance is performed. By checking these components, we will know if there is any potential indoor airflow, refrigerant metering or cooling performance issues. If there are issues, the tech will inform you on how we will need to proceed. For repeat customers, we will also have historical records for referencing and comparison if needed.

Once the tech finishes the maintenance for the air conditioner, they will call the customer to discuss findings, take payment over the phone or assist them with how to pay online, and email invoice. If a new filter is needed, the tech will leave the new filter on the doorstep of the home. If the customer needs instructions on how to put the new filter in, just call the tech and they will assist you.

Are You Ready to Schedule Your No Entry Required A/C Maintenance?

Call the office at 636-397-1237 and let them know that you want to schedule a no entry required maintenance for your air conditioner (A/C).

Please stay home, be safe and stay healthy especially during this very difficult time.

The Faszold Team

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