Top 6 Benefits of being a Faszold Planned Maintenance customer

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

We’ve gotten lots of questions lately about our Planned Maintenance Program and we’d like our customers to know the value of what they are getting when they sign up for our Faszold Planned Maintenance Program.

We want to let you, our customers, know we can’t compare our planned maintenance (also called clean n’ check, cleaning, tune-up, or performance evaluation) to other heating and air conditioning companies because we don’t know what is included in their maintenance program. Below are 6 benefits of being a Faszold Planned Maintenance Program customer.

1. Certified HVAC professionals every time! Faszold Service Company only has certified HVAC professionals perform heating and cooling maintenance. If you are using a different company, do you know if all their techs are certified?

2. Receive 1 fall/winter and 1 spring/summer cleaning every year. No matter which Planned Maintenance membership you choose, all three (silver, gold, platinum) offer 1 cleaning in the fall/winter for your furnace or heat pump and 1 cleaning in the spring/summer for your heat pump or air conditioner so you can have peace of mind that both your heating and your air conditioning systems are maintained throughout the year. This is only a 1-year commitment, unlike other companies that might lock you in to a Planned Maintenance Program for 5-10 years.

3. Priority service for our Planned Maintenance Program members. If you are a part of our Planned Maintenance Program, you will get priority service every time you call in to schedule a service call, a maintenance check, or if you need emergency service.

4. Discounts on every service call, part, or repair. If problems arise, be comforted knowing that if you are a Faszold Planned Maintenance customer, you will get $10 off on all service/diagnostic visits and receive 10% discount on all parts and repairs if any are needed.

5. No overtime rate on weekends, holidays, or after hours calls! This is a huge benefit of being either a Gold or Platinum member of the Faszold Planned Maintenance Program. If your unit or system breaks down over the weekend when the office isn’t open, on holidays, or if you need service after 5:00 pm on weekdays, you will only be charged our regular service charge and not our overtime rate which can be twice the cost of our regular diagnostic service fee.

6. Special discounts and offers throughout the year that are only offered to our Planned Maintenance customers. Throughout the year, we offer crazy good deals on HVAC equipment and add-ons that aren’t advertised to the public. You will only know about these special offers if you are a Planned Maintenance member. We also offer free repairs on breakdowns if equipment is maintained and follows manufacturer’s specks. This could be up to $2,500.00 back on a new system.

These are just our 6 benefits of being a Faszold Planned Maintenance customer, if you’d like to learn more, visit our Planned Maintenance page. Also please note, that in order to benefit from these perks, you have to be an active Faszold Planned Maintenance customer.

If you are interested in joining the Faszold Planned Maintenance Program, please call the office at 636-397-1237 or fill out our contact us form online. Not sure if we service your area? Find out now.

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