Ways to Manage Dryness in your home

Now that winter is officially here, the temperatures are dropping and the colder air will remove the moisture from the air, making our homes dry and therefore leaving our skin, mouth, and throat feeling dry too. Below are ways to bring the moisture back into your home during the colder months.

Boil water – Boiling water can help add moisture back into the dry air in your home. Make sure that if you boil water, you are being safe.

Leave your clothes out to air dry indoors - You can return moisture in the air by giving your electric dryer a break and letting your clothes air dry inside your home. The dry air will absorb the extra moisture in the clothes returning that moisture to the air while drying your clothes.

Set your thermostat a few degrees lower in the colder months – By setting your thermostat a few degrees lower, you won’t be stripping out as much moisture out of the air. The air in your home will be less dry, plus you’ll save on heating your home.

Leave your dishwasher door open – Try not to use the drying cycle, but instead let the steam from your dishwasher evaporate into the air.

Spray warm water into the air – Use a spray bottle full of warm water and spray into the air in your home.

Have an indoor water feature – Having an aquarium, water fountain, or water structure in your home can help bring the moisture back into the air.

Leave some water in the bathtub – After you take a hot bath, leave some of the water to cool to bring moisture back into the air. Don't do this if you have little children and always be safe.

Install a whole home humidifier – A whole home humidifier is installed directly in your heating system’s duct work. When the furnace is cycling, the heated air coming out is also being humidified at the same time, which puts moisture back into the air in your home. This prevents dry air that makes your skin feel dry, lips crack, or throat dry and scratchy. Whole home humidifiers can also help with the static in your home by keeping more moisture in the air.

If you have a whole home humidifier, make sure to set your humidifier between 25-40% in the winter so that you are getting enough moisture in the air, but don’t set your humidifier too high though because it can cause mold, dust mites, and other problems. Also, make sure to clean your humidifier regularly. Dirty humidifiers can ruin the air quality in your home. If you don’t have a whole home humidifier, but would like one installed, contact Faszold Service Company for a free estimate at 636-397-1237.

Now that you know a few ways to manage the dryness in your home, we hope you have no trouble keeping your home feeling comfortable this winter. For estimates on whole home humidifiers, please contact Faszold Service Company at 636-397-1237 or contact us online.

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