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Why Is My House Cold When My Furnace Is Running? 5 Common Issues

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While furnaces can last 20+ years with regular service, cold air blowing from your HVAC system in frigid Missouri weather is not a good sign. If your furnace is not reaching the desired setting or room temperatures get colder, the answer might be a simple fix, or it might require service.

Troubleshoot the problem with the tips below before contacting a professional to diagnose if you need a furnace repair or furnace replacement to help restore warm temperatures.

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5 Common Furnace Problems

Reasons your house is cold when your furnace is on can vary as some furnaces blow cold air briefly when starting up. However, it might also be an easy fix or require the help of a professional, which we will explore.

What to look for:

  • Thermostat: Change your thermostat from cool to auto to ensure your fan switches over correctly. Monitor the temperature gauge to confirm the temperature rises. To reset your furnace, turn off your power switch and wait 10 minutes to turn it back on. If the steps above do not resolve the issue, contact the experts!
  • Clogged vents: Check your registers and vents for a leak or damage to your ductwork. With the HVAC off, hold a small piece of toilet paper near a duct connection, and if it moves, it might leak and need a duct cleaning.
  • Dirty filter: Filters can sometimes cause furnace overheating, which turns off its burners. Change the filter, and the air quality indoors should improve.
  • Pilot Light/Burner: A malfunctioning pilot light will cause the pilot sensor to turn off the gas. To relight it, check your manual, which usually hangs on the side of a furnace. Let one of our professionals assist if you feel uncomfortable with this step.
  • Gas valve: Ensure the gas valve is on. Turn the handle parallel to turn on the gas and turn it perpendicular to shut it off. 

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When You Need Repair

Furnace problems that do not require total replacement include if the pilot light is yellow instead of blue, if your furnace has an odor or makes weird noises, or if it heats your home unevenly. 

Other signs include difficulty starting, energy bills increases, or water leaks. For issues like these, schedule furnace service to avoid further damage. 

Signs You Need Replacement

A few factors can help determine if your furnace is beyond repair, from not heating rooms adequately to gas leaks. Speak to a professional about your replacement options.

Signs you need furnace replacement include:

  • Your furnace is older and nearing the end of its life span.
  • Your system is less efficient as energy costs and repair bills are increasing. 
  • Your furnace is noisy and might have leaks, cracks, or structural damage.
  • Excess soot, dust, or dirt is building up in your home.

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With the lowest temperature in Missouri minus 40 degrees, a functioning furnace is critical to keeping your family comfortable and safe. For reliable heating and cooling service, choose a name you can trust.

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