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Why Is My HVAC So Loud?

Air conditioner maintenance being performed on HVAC unit outside brick home.

Clanking, rattling, hissing, buzzing, and whistling. When your heating or cooling unit starts to make loud noises, it can be as annoying as it is concerning.

These common sounds are often the first signs that an HVAC system needs a maintenance check or repair. Being aware of the different types of sounds your system can produce will help you better understand the root cause of an issue.

When that banging in the background becomes hard to ignore, it’s time to address the problem or call a Faszold Heating & Cooling professional.

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5 Reasons Your HVAC Is Suddenly Louder

First, it’s important to note when the loud noises began and in which type of unit. An HVAC system that’s outdoors, indoors, or has a dual heating/cooling function will have different factors determining the cause of noises.

HVAC units may be impacted by:

  • Blocked vents
  • Disjointed or dislodged parts
  • Improperly sealed or loose ductwork
  • Outside debris in an exhaust fan
  • Underlying thermostat issues

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Outdoor Units

Outside HVAC systems, like an air conditioner’s condenser unit, are exposed to elements like twigs and branches. This debris can get lodged in exhaust fans, causing a rattling sound. To resolve this, try turning off the outside unit’s power before checking for any obstructions.

If you notice any damage or misshapen parts, call a professional, and don’t attempt to remove a blockage on your own.

Indoor Units

Indoor units, like furnaces or ductless air conditioners, are usually prone to clicking, squealing, or banging.

In the case of furnaces, a clicking sound after a long inactive period means your heater is warming up. Call a professional if the clicking persists, as you may be dealing with a pilot light malfunction.

In air conditioning units, banging or clicking noises are likely the result of dislodged parts like a motor or a coil. Squealing or high-pitched whistling shouldn’t be taken lightly in ACs as they may indicate a refrigerant leak or compressor failure.

Turn off your AC unit immediately, and call an HVAC technician. Don’t turn the unit back on until it’s resolved by a professional.

Vents & Registers

Hissing and humming are often the sounds reported from vents and register systems. Closed or blocked vents are the likely culprit since airflow is being cut off. In certain cases, loose ductwork may be to blame.

We recommend calling a technician if you notice hissing or vibrating sounds from your vents. Internal ventilation systems aren’t easily accessible to untrained homeowners and should only be handled by professionals.

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