faszold club membership (FCM) Program

Heating and Cooling Planned Maintenance Program in St. Charles and St. Louis County

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Did you know that lack of maintenance is the #1 cause of heating and cooling system failures?

A dirty coil alone could end up costing you up to $300 in service.


Prevent costly breakdowns with a heating and cooling maintenance plan from Faszold. For more information on our planned maintenance program, now being called our Faszold Club Membership, call us at 636-397-1237 or email us.

Advantages of the Faszold Club Membership Program:

  • Energy savings on utility bills

  • Prevent breakdowns

  • Longer equipment life

  • Priority service for our program members

  • Discount of 10% on parts

  • 20% Discount on all repairs

Faszold Planned maintenance program Options

We've changed the name of our Planned Maintenance Program. We are now calling it the Faszold Club Membership. Our new program has the same perks as our Planned Maitnenance plus much more! Learn about the new membership perks below!

When you join our Club Membership, you will receive:

Receive a thorough tune up and cleaning for one air conditioner and one furnace with our Faszold Club Membership. 


When you are due for your preventative maintenance service, call the office at 636-397-1237 to set up your Faszold Club Membership appointment or you can call once you receive your friendly reminder postcard in the mail.

Faszold Service Company has three great club membership plans to choose from:

Faszold Club Membership Options.JPG

*Does not include steam humidifier cartridges, special-order or obsolete water panels.

**Includes two media filter cartridges per year or four 1-inch pleated filters per year. Excludes custom sizes.

***All parts must meet manufacturer’s specifications, at the time of each seasonal tune-up, chargeable to the homeowner. Excludes declined repairs, obsolete parts, freon, freon leaks, heat exchangers, compressors, ECM motors, geothermal loops, and breakdowns due to acts of God, physical damage or abuse.

****Up to $2,500 of previously paid Maintenance Membership fees will be credited towards the purchase of a complete heating & cooling system. This includes the purchase of a furnace and A/C unit, purchased simultaneously.

If you'd like to sign up for our Faszold Club Membership, call us at 636-397-1237 or email us online.

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call the office at 636-397-1237