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Why Isn’t My Water Getting Hot?

3 Common Water Heater Problems To Look For

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Is your water heater failing to get your water supply up to the desired temperature? If you’ve noticed that your water isn’t getting hot, several underlying issues could be at play.

The expert plumbers at Faszold Heating & Cooling cover three of the most common causes of problems that can result in inadequate heat for your water supply.

If you’re experiencing water heater issues in St. Charles, MO, call Faszold at (314) 656-7399 to schedule an inspection.

Sediment Buildup

One of the most common causes of a water heater‘s inability to reach the desired temperature is sediment buildup. Many minerals may be hiding within your water supply that can accumulate within your water heater system over time. When the system becomes clogged with built-up sediment, it can reduce efficiency and hinder the unit’s ability to heat your water adequately.

The best way to prevent sediment buildup and keep your water heater working smoothly is by scheduling an annual maintenance visit. During your water heater tune-up, a plumbing professional will flush your system of any sediment buildup, ensuring optimal efficiency and functionality for a reliable hot water supply.

Undersized Unit

An improperly sized system is another potential reason for a lack of hot water. Your water heater should be commensurate with the size and layout of your home and the number of household members living on your property. If it’s too small, your water heater may not reach the adequate temperature, leaving you with cold or lukewarm water.

If you’re continuously struggling to reach the right water temperature in your home, you may need a professional to assess whether you have the right sized system. A water heater replacement may be necessary to ensure your home remains connected to the reliable hot water supply it needs.

System Breakdown

Like all home appliances, water heaters aren’t built to last forever. When properly maintained, a water heater can last eight to 10 years. If your system is over 10 years old, experiences frequent repair requests, or has had a notable decline in efficiency, it may be time to consider replacing a water heater.

If you need a water heater replacement, switching to a tankless unit can be wise. Unlike traditional tanked units, tankless water heaters do not rely on a heated water reservoir. Instead, they provide hot water on-demand by heating water as it passes through the system. Tankless water heaters offer a more convenient water heating method and last longer than standard units, boasting an average life span of 15 to 20 years.

Schedule Water Heater Services Today

Have you noticed any of the signs above affecting your ability to get the hot water you need? Contact Faszold Heating & Cooling for the water heater repair or replacement solutions you need. For nearly 45 years, Faszold has offered families the best products and services throughout the St. Charles and St. Louis County region. With 24/7 service availability and factory-trained technicians, we ensure you receive the fast, effective water heater solutions you need from a team you can trust.

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