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Are Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems Worth It for Commercial Buildings?

HVAC tech checking on commercial HVAC system on roofWhen exploring ways to maximize savings with your commercial property, whether you own a building or manage one, you might forget cost savings in an energy-efficient HVAC system.

Let’s face it. Balancing expenses and savings matters. On one hand, you might patch your existing heating and cooling unit, but at some point, it might be time to consider investing in a new one. Not only will you create a more sustainable business practice, but you can also meet your budget goals and keep workspaces comfortable year-round.

The HVAC experts at Faszold Heating & Cooling break down the factors related to upgrading your HVAC equipment and how we can help.

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5 Benefits of Energy-Efficient Systems

The Department Of Energy estimates that an efficient HVAC system can lower operational costs. It uses innovative technologies to decrease energy usage by up to 40%. 

Efficient HVAC system benefits include:  

  • Extend the lifespan of your HVAC equipment: The latest HVAC systems have intelligent operating systems and advanced technologies, and they will break down less often.  
  • Increase efficiency: Efficient systems include indoor air quality controls that remove fewer pollutants and irritants, such as dust, germs, viruses, and bacteria.  
  • Access tax credits, rebates, and other incentives: With rebates and the Inflation Reduction Act credits, offset installation costs up to $5 a square foot. 
  • Increase green initiatives, property value, and marketability: Sustainable businesses attract customers, PR, and renters and can increase property values. 
  • Maximize returns: Factor in your initial investment, annual savings of up to 40%, and the payback period with federal tax credits available for 10 years, as the DOE estimates 44% of energy costs are from HVAC systems. 

Cost Considerations

Small businesses can benefit from an HVAC system under 65,000 Btu/h, with a minimum efficiency of about 15 SEER and 12 EER, which is ideal for a small office or store. While the initial costs can be higher, the savings over time outweigh that.

A small retailer with $24,000 in annual utility costs can expect 20% to 30% savings or $7,200. The initial investment will be offset in a few years.

Larger buildings and commercial facilities would need SEER ratings in the 18s to mid-20s, but this will vary by location, business type, and HVAC needs. 

A restaurant with $160,000 in yearly energy bills could lower utility costs by up to 30%, which would account for 6% to 9% of total annual costs. 

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Energy-Efficient Commercial HVAC System Options

To measure an HVAC system’s energy efficiency, the higher its Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) or Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) rating, the more efficient the unit, which translates to more sustainable operations. Consider a heat pump, while newer traditional systems provide higher SEER ratings and are also good options.

Common HVAC systems for commercial businesses include:

  • Heat pumps: Providing A/C and heat, they transfer heat and can be up to 4 times more efficient than a standard HVAC system. 
  • Variable refrigerant flow (VRF): Ideal for bigger buildings, these offer exact temperature controls to reduce energy waste. 
  • Geothermal HVAC: Geothermal uses the earth’s stable temperatures to cool and heat your business space. This provides long-term savings and can lower environmental impacts.
  • Smart HVAC: Integrated with smart technology, these allow for remote control settings, real-time energy usage, automation, service alerts, and personalized controls. 

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